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  &  Security Agency

Based in Orlando: Serving all of Florida! 

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OUR MISSIONWe will investigate all cases to the fullest extent of the law, providing as much detail to the clients as possible. Our Security Patrol Service Will Deter Crime Providing  for a safe environment for all Clients. Choosing a Private Investigator/ Security Agency  is a big decision, Our team of investigators/Security Officers will provide unmatched Service providing for uncompromised results!








[ Domestic Affairs ]


Background checks, Divorce, Personal Investigations, Infidelity, Child Custody, Drug Abuse, and Abuse Investigations. Help Safe Guard the ones you love.

GPS Tracking available

[ Criminal Investigations ]


Obtain Witness statements, Interviews, Interrogations, evidence collection, searches, partner with Law Enforcement agencies


[ Fraud & Insurance ]


Identity theft, Health Insurance Fraud,Workers compensation, Staged accidents and Auto Insurance Fraud.

[ Computer Forensics ]


Collecting, analysing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legally admissible for the detection and prevention of crime and any dispute where evidence is stored digitally.

[ Missing Persons ]


Locate lost loved ones, Friends, and Heirs.

[ Surveillance ]


Obtaining evidence by continuous observation of a place, person, group or ongoing activities.